• India's Own - Bombay Chai!!

    Introduced by the British, tea has become the core of India over the years, and Indians have developed a strong taste for this popular beverage. regular entertainer, a source of living, a refreshing drink, an excuse for discussions, a part of gossip culture and a household tradition in India. It is inseparable from the socio-cultural and socio-economic being of the country. Guests are worshipped...
  • Tea of the Season!

    Mango is considered by many to be the "King of Fruits" due to its delicious taste, bright orange color and nutritional values. In addition to eating a mango on its own, mangoes are used in a variety of different ways, including jams, sauces, sorbet or even as garnish, But did you guys know that it can be used as a tea flavor as well……?! Yes...
  • Make weight loss tasty and quick with Saffron Cup!

    Stuck with the same old bland weight loss drinks? Then, here’s a treat for your taste buds! And, something which will make this tiring process fun AND tasty AND easy! Well we are sure you would want to know what this is, right? So (cue the drum roll, pleaseee), in all its glory, we present to you our exotic rose flavor! Lately, this flavor...
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