Benefits of having Tea during Summers.

As the sweltering summers come banging back there is a mood of excitement that prevails all around. Life is full of joy and playfulness, people are eating, drinking, playing, reading, and doing lots of activities. With so much of happiness all around, Indians begin to think about ways to tackle the bright sunny mornings, looming afternoon, dusky evenings and quiet nights. To keep us chugging along, we need our daily drink to cheer us up and beat the case of the Zzz’s. Tea, of course! Even in the hot, humid climate we long for our cup of ‘chai’. The refreshment after working for long hours, the boost of energy, the motivation to work further, is all given to us by a sip of our satisfying cup of tea. Well, it might sound crazy to some of us, but a cup of hot tea is very healthy in a sweating humid day for human digestive system. There is a very strong logic behind it. Be it traditional Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurveda, they both speak about the tattva or active properties of tea. As per Chinese medicine, our stomach is considered as ‘yang’ organ which has hot properties. Also, according to Ayurveda, the stomach produces jatharagni (internal fire of stomach which is responsible for hunger and digestion). It takes care of our metabolism and energy and helps in digesting our food and to absorb the nutrients for the whole body. On the other hand, water is considered as ‘yin’ i.e. having cold properties by nature. Now if we will add cold water to our body, the jatharagni will get weaker and thus our digestion process will get affected. Drinking hot tea during summer will help us in improving the internal fire (jatharagni) and hence will help in better digestion. Also, on having hot tea, we sweat more and hence more evaporation process takes place, eventually, making us feel cooler. Thus, having hot tea during summer helps us to maintain optimum body temperature. Nausea and heatstroke are very common problems during summer. Having tea helps in preventing them effectively. Antioxidants have been discovered to possibly help lower the risk of various types of cancers. Tea has an abundance of antioxidants. There are uncountable benefits of having tea during summers. Thus we bring the lineup of our world class refreshing and bracing collection of summer tea. From ‘lovely lemon’ (tea with lemon peels) to a wide range of green tea to help you fight against the hot humid summers. While the lemon tea aids in digestion and relax your mind, the green tea acts as an antioxidant which helps you reduce the formation of radicals in the body. So if you are waiting to quench your thirst this summer, there is nothing better than our invigorating rage of tea which you can discover by checking our website. Cheers to a great cup by the Saffron cup. Love your cup of tea! SAFFRON CUP.