Traditionally Twisted!

India, also known as a mini world because of the diverse culture it represents. Well with the different believes people have, there is a different taste that prevails in everyone. However every Indian is united by their urge of a perfect cup of tea! But you will be amused to know how the cultures in India merge and mix with each other. Whether it is the clothing or the food habits, the Indians have amalgamate. Speaking of food habits, the first thing that comes into our mind is tea. Well the most know places for the best production of tea is Bengal and the South India. The south Indian tea is liked by people living in the north Indian states while the royal Bengal tea is like by many south Indians. Tea plays a very important role so much so that the exchange of culture has taken place with respect to tea as well. We can say that tea in our country brings people together. It gives them a unique way to come together. Various festivals are celebrated in our country by everyone with the same spirit of gaiety. The exchange in culture you will get to see in India is very surprising. People here believe that they are one. They have a constant urge of trying new things from different cultures. They do not think twice before participating in other cultural practices. Well, the Indians have a taste for variety. The Bengalis here prefer the traditional form of food, beverages, clothing’s while the south Indians prefer everything with a twist which they call ‘masala’. So here we come...... the tea makers of saffron cup who have made sure that you get your cup f tea according to you preference and taste. So whether it is the traditional Darjeeling tea for the Bengalis or it is the same tea presented to you with a twist that is ‘lavender Darjeeling tea’ for the south Indians. We make sure that you get what you want. So make your Pehela Baishakh  and Puthandu is unique and fun with a twist. Thinking of how to add that twist? Don’t worry, we have taken care of that. Try are exotic world class blends and see it yourself. Happy Pehela Baishakh  and Puthandu!!! Saffron Cup