There’s nothing like a good old cup of tea. Who doesn’t know the peaceful and soothing effect tea produces. Brewing tea- whether black, green, white, oolong, flavored leads to inner calm. There’s no alternative to seeking that calm by brewing tea your own way. 

Tea is the ‘stop’ drink. “If your mind is a runaway train, it puts on the brakes.”

How does tea affect your moods?

We have different moods on different days. Tea has essential oils, minerals, and antioxidants. This is why drinking tea helps with mood swings and mood problems. How about having different teas that compliment our everyday mood and lets us enjoy our mood with their charismatic flavors?

Are you getting trouble waking up?

“It’s already morning”- Do you feel something like this everyday while you push yourself to slip out of your bed? A cup of black tea is the best solution to your problem. Black tea has natural stimulants such as caffeine, that gives you a wake up call and helps you arise your mind making it more alert.


Feeling blues?


Feeling irritated, angry or anxious. Lemongrass tea is best to have when dealing with emotions that seem to be draining your energy. The light citrusy flavor and the aroma calms you down. Also, the Vitamin C present is a wonderful antioxidant. It helps you refresh after a long day.

Afternoon slump?


Is it hard to stay awake at work or while attending a lecture at 3pm. Grab a cup of green tea. It will help boost your energy without giving a caffeine crash that sometimes coffee gives you.

Looking for happiness and postive energy?


Looking to make your evening good and boost your mood. A cup of Indian Masala chai is something you cannot miss out on. It tastes zesty and robust and packed with a perk of several goodness. It is a blend of spices that detoxifies (star anise), reduces inflammation (cardamom), boost digestion (ginger), improves brain function (black pepper), and boosts memory (cinnamon) apart from energizing (black tea).

Feeling unsettled after a good meal?


A good meal after a hectic day is something we all love. But sometimes the experience isn’t always good. Sometimes we start to feel uneasy. So, take a break and sip some peppermint tea. The menthol present gives a gush of refreshment after a long day. Being a caffeine-free blend, it is ideal to have near bed time.

Sleepless night?

Random bouts of insomnia hit us, usually when we think of getting a good sleep. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime, helps you get a good sleep by reducing stress and anxiety. The little flowers contain mild sedatives that help treat sleep related problems like insomnia, nightmares.

There are a myriad of different teas for different moods. No matter how you are feeling or what you are hoping to change, the power of tea should never be underestimated. Let tea be something that you really enjoy.


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