India's Own - Bombay Chai!!

Introduced by the British, tea has become the core of India over the years, and Indians have developed a strong taste for this popular beverage. regular entertainer, a source of living, a refreshing drink, an excuse for discussions, a part of gossip culture and a household tradition in India. It is inseparable from the socio-cultural and socio-economic being of the country. Guests are worshipped in India. Serving tea with snacks is an age-old tradition that is woven like a thread in the socio-cultural fabric of the country. Offering tea is considered hospitable in Indian society. Be it any season, a cup of hot chai served with a plate of samosa or  kachori  or aloo pakoda is considered a real treat. Although the snacks keep changing what remains constant is... tea.A Indians of different age groups are in the habit of starting the day with sips of tea in the morning. Having tea in the morning is part of their daily routine. The making of tea is considered as a sign of love and care for the other members of the household. Tea is not just a beverage; it actually is something that ties the family together. Whether it is family at workor the one back home, tea gives an opportunity to chit-chat with our loved ones. Tea break for some refreshment is given to the employees at most workplaces in India. They discuss many things and day-to-day events during this tea break. It makes a healthy environment with good work culture for the employees. In many regional communities of India, there is a custom associated with the making of tea. For example, The new brides are required to make the morning tea on her first day in the in-laws’ house  Indians have an affair with tea in the evenings, too. Sips of tea are like breaths of energy and freshness for menfolk after their return from work in the evening. They hit the couch and shed weariness by drinking this hot beverage. Moreover, the tea table is a place for family get-togethers in some householdon weekend evenings. So, to make your daily tea drinking even more special, we bring to you Bombay Chai - the perfect flavored tea which gives you that homemade chai feeling! An authentic flavor - have it with or without milk or sugar, and you'll still feel like you're having a traiditional cup of masala chai!