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Lemon Green Tea Lovely Lemon Tea - saffroncup
Lovely Lemon Green Tea | 100 gm - 50 Cups | Blended with Lemon Peel & Lemon Grass | 100% Natural Teas
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Green tea with Lemon Flavour An aromatic, fresh, and lemony tea that is generously paired with Himalayan lemongrass and aromatic lemon oil. Very refreshing!  The freshness and citrusy flavor of Himalayan Lemongrass assembled with healthy green tea give tangy and relaxing flavor notes.   Lemon Green tea helps in weight loss, improves brain alertness. Green tea is believed to reduce aging and give you a long life. Lovely lemon tea leaves a tart afternote that keeps away bad breath.
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Organic Green Tea- 200g pouch - saffroncup Organic Green Tea- 200g pouch - saffroncup
Organic Green Tea- 200g pouch
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100% Garden fresh green tea- Rich in antioxidants and nutrients About Everyday Organic Green Tea: Organic Green Tea- A cup of fine quality green tea that isn’t like just any other tea. Start your day with a cup of refreshing organic tea with minimum calories and mild caffeine. It is bound to leave you with plenty of freshness and energy. Appearance- Smooth, whole, and sturdy high-quality leaf with light, fresh yellow-colored infusion. Flavor- Strong, recognizable taste and mouthfeels. Feel and tastes smooth, bright, and refreshing floral taste with a mellow lingering sweetness.  Benefits: Rich in antioxidants and keep calories under check. Helps in activating senses, energize the body, and makes you feel light and active Ideal pre-workout drink as it increases fat burning and accelerates weight loss. Add ons: Add lemon and honey for enhanced flavor and mild sweetness.
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Everyday Roasted Darjeeling Tea- 200g pouch - saffroncup Everyday Roasted Darjeeling Tea- 200g pouch - saffroncup
Everyday Darjeeling Tea- 200g pouch
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EVERYDAY DARJEELING TEA Is the perfect blend of the finesse of Darjeeling, a robust flavor and a rich, malty taste, enjoyed either with milk or as a bright golden liquor. Its delightful yet distinctive aroma makes it a blend that cannot be mistaken for another. Crafted for the true tea connoisseur, who enjoys nothing but the best, Flavor of the Tea is Impressive and best in the category. Health Benefit: Roasted Darjeeling Mist Tea is a perfect Tea for Digestion, Stress relief, Relax your body, Refreshing. Package Content: 200 gm Tea, 12 Months of Shelf Life.
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Authentic Indian Kadak Masala Chai- 200g pouch - saffroncup Authentic Indian Kadak Masala Chai- 200g pouch - saffroncup
Authentic Indian Kadak Masala Chai- 200g pouch
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KADAK MASALA CHAI Fuel your morning with a bold cup of Indian Masala Chai- Assam Black Tea with natural spices. Start your day with Kadak Masala Chai. Here to give your everyday morning tea an upgrade. Spices in Ayurveda have been considered a cure for almost every health-related problem. Every household has a diverse way of making the famous masala chai. So is ours. We bring to you the bold flavors of Assam CTC Black Tea blended with the power of spices like ginger, clove, cardamom, black pepper, and cinnamon. The dried spices along with milk and sugar deliver a  strong and rich cup of chai comforts and energize the senses every time. HEALTH BENEFITS:  Cardamom has been used as a digestive aid for its antioxidant properties. Ginger is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and improves the immune system. Cinnamon is very useful in weight loss. Black pepper provides relief from sinusitis, nasal congestion, and asthma.