Saffron Cup Celebrates World Health Day!

For most of us tea is something which we can’t live without. We believe that tea is a beverage which not only has the perfect texture but also has immense health benefits. Specially with the variety of flavored tea, we not only get to make a choice but also get what exactly we are looking for. Well..... what we always forget is the people behind that cup of tea which relaxes us, uplifts our mood and keeps us healthy and fit. We forget that behind this cup there are many people who work hard. These people make sure that we get the best tea. These people time their schedule only so that we get our tea on time. Yes, if it is still not clear, ‘these people’ are the tea pluckers. They work of hours without thinking about their health. They pick up heavy baskets, search for the best tea leave. With a keen eye and deft fingers, they snip the leaves which gives us our perfect cup of tea. Well they are the heart of the tea fields. One thing that we don’t realize is the adverse health effects of these tea pluckers. We call them the heart of the tea fields so it is important to take care of this heart. This world health day lets make little contribution towards the health of these people. Let’s make sure that this world health day the heart of the tea fields stay health, the tea pluckers stay fit. We the tea makers of saffron cup care as much for these people. Therefore this world health day we donate 5% of your bill with us for the better health conditions of the tea pluckers.