Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea | Sweet Kahwa | Herbal Tea | 100 gm | 50 Cups | 100% Natural Teas

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Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea | Sweet Kahwa | Herbal Tea | 100 gm | 50 Cups | 100% Natural Teas

Rs. 369.00 Rs. 409.00 -10% OFF

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Product description

Kashmiri Kahwa - Sweet, spicy & Bold

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea is our take on the traditional Kahwa tea that takes you for a ride to the great Kashmir valley. The golden-colored brew of spice-infused kahwa tea with an unmistakable aroma of ingredients like rose petals, saffron, ginger, pepper, clove, and sweet after-taste of cinnamon and cardamom is something that makes it so special.

Every sip of our Kashmiri Kahwa is subtle on the taste buds that give you warmth and comfort when you crave for it without giving you the heaviness of milk tea or coffee. The cup of Kahwa is a purely natural product and is packed with not only a remarkable taste but also some great health benefits.

Tasting Notes: A perfect balance of mild sweetness of saffron, and rose petals; and pleasant pungency of Indian spices like clove, cinnamon.

Appearance: The infusion of green tea leaves with spices delivers a soothing yellow beverage on brewing.

Aroma: A mixed aroma of mellow sweetness and spices that leaves you in the dilemma of whether to drink first or whiff the smell.


Kahwa tea is a traditional Kashmiri beverage renowned for its unique flavor and potential health benefits. This aromatic drink is prepared by blending green tea leaves with various spices, such as cardamom, saffron, and cinnamon. Its benefits lie in its ingredients' properties:

1. Antioxidant Rich: Kashmiri Kahwa contains green tea, which is loaded with antioxidants like catechins. These compounds help combat free radicals, promoting overall health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

2. Digestive Aid: The blend of spices, especially cardamom, aids digestion and reduces bloating. It can alleviate indigestion and promote a healthier gut.

3. Weight Management: Green tea boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management. The combination of green tea and spices may contribute to weight loss efforts when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

4. Stress Relief: Saffron, a key ingredient, has been linked to reducing stress and anxiety. The act of sipping warm Kahwa itself can provide a soothing effect.

5. Warmth and Hydration: In colder climates, Kashmiri Kahwa provides warmth and hydration, making it a comforting drink during winter months.

6. Heart Health: Some research suggests that green tea consumption may contribute to improved heart health by lowering bad cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular function.

7. Boosted Immunity: The combination of spices in Kahwa, including cloves and cinnamon, has potential immune-boosting properties due to their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

8. Reduced Oxidative Stress: Saffron and cardamom in Kahwa may help reduce oxidative stress, contributing to overall cellular health.

While Kashmiri Kahwa offers various potential benefits, individual responses may vary. It's important to enjoy it as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you have specific health concerns or conditions, consult a healthcare professional before making significant dietary changes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Akansha Tripathi
Great Product

I have tried kashmiri kahwa from different brands but the taste and flavour of this particular kahwa was the best. Definitly recommend it to everyone

Sujoy Das
Best Green Tea

Taste is authentic & refreshing. Good for immunity

Sandip Chatterjee
Best Detox Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

I purchased the tea last week. Awesome fragrance. Best quality tea.

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