Tea. When you think of this drink, what comes to mind? Business meetings, family get-togethers, social events, and the list goes on, right? Basically, it’s one of the most popular served drinks throughout the world. It has essentially become a national drink. Tea is served in some of the highest settings and in some of the most common, daily settings. But, where are the original roots of tea? Well, tea was first introduced by Robert Fortune in China and then later in India. By the end of 1980, two kinds of tea were introduced: Chinese tea with long leaves and Indian tea with thicker leaves. Each of them had a different flavor and taste. Society managed to hold on to these two flavors for years but soon more research came into play. Many flavors were added to this ‘tea’ which now has a variety of forms. This concept of flavored tea has taken over the industry, and the idea has been given a double thumbs up by all! No one actually imagined that tea could be classified and reformed into flavors. These flavors have different textures and tastes. It gave the consumers exactly what they wanted. Flavors derived from flowers to flavors themed on fruits. Each tea had its own benefits. Tea with added spices could be used for relief from headaches and came to be known as ‘masala chai’. Tea with conserved lemon juice known as ‘lemon tea’ could act as a natural diuretic. Green tea and herbal tea were a good cleanser for the human digestive system. The list of flavored tea is long. Each with different properties. The tea industry blossomed like a flower after the introduction of flavored tea. Analyzing the development and progress of flavored tea, we believe that it has paved a path of evolving success. A wide range of blends and flavors gave a new platform to the tea industry. The concept of flavored tea has a long path of triumph. Talking about the future of this abstraction, you’ll see in a few years time that the idea of flavored tea will be further elaborated and widespread. This tree will have many branches and the roots will keep conquering the soil. But from what we know now, the kind of response flavored tea has given to the industry is commendable. In fact, more and more people are switching from their traditional coffee beverages and choosing tea. Flavored tea will not only increase the overall sales of tea but will also provide the customers with what they want. We, Saffron Cup Teamakers value our customers’ needs; therefore, we bring to you an exquisite range of 20 flavors. Each blend having a unique taste and texture. This set of hand-picked, hand-blended, world-class flavored tea is a must try for all the tea lovers. And for those of you who are still confused, once you try a blend of ours, your search for the perfect tea will stop at your doorstep!