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We're Finally Live!

Does it seem as though we have said this multiple times? Well, we promise – we are indeed finally live!

As many of you know, there are so many working parts to a start-up and having everything fall into place sometimes takes time; you eventually get there – just have to keep chugging along!

That's been the motto of our humble start-up Saffron Cup – keep chugging along, and the success will follow in due time. We're happy to share along with finally having our online presence intact, our 'flagship' outlet in Quest Mall, Spencer's (Kolkata) has become a regular spot to purchase flavored teas for many clients as well as being live in Mrs. Magpie and Cocoa Bakery (two popular cafés in the city) and Living Free (a fashion and lifestyle boutique).

And, as expected, you may now purchase as many teas as your heart desires right from the comfort of your own home through our website. We want to make our products available to all and allow tea lovers access to a range of fresh and flavorful teas. As well as tea, we also have accessories to make your entire tea-making experience easier and beautiful gift options coming to your doorstep soon (you can start with our elegant tins currently).

We hope you enjoy what you see, and we'd love to hear your feedback. Our patrons are what makes our brand better and helps us to keep striving for the best.

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Thank you for visiting, and please do come back often!

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