Mrs. Magpie, anyone?

Yes, you read that right! We are live at Mrs. Magpie! For those of you who are not from around Kolkata or haven’t had a chance to visit this quaint café, it’s one of the best places in the city for coffee, sandwiches, scones and now OUR teas! We started off our exclusive partnership with a tea tasting weekend for all patrons – one in each of their locations (they currently have 2 outlets). And, then, we officially launched the curated menu on Friday, 5th May. We knew our goal was to be served and retailed in various eateries around the city, but we also wanted to position ourselves with brands similar to ours. We realized instantly that a long-term relationship with Mrs. Magpie was a brilliant idea! If you visit either of their outlets, you’ll see that we’re serving both tea bags and loose tea. Our tea bags don’t compromise one bit of the flavor that you would taste in the loose leaf; the bags simply leave the guesswork out of the equation and keep things less messy. It’s truly a personal choice – you’ll get the exact same product in either form! This is just the beginning with Mrs. Magpie, and we have lots of exciting ideas in store to continue this collaboration – signature blends, more workshops, and the list continues – you’ll just have to keep following this space to learn more! So, go ahead – make your way over to the nearest location, and enjoy a cuppa or two or three with us!

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