As many of you may know, one of the most welcomed and celebrated festivals of our country is Holi. In the spirit of love and togetherness, this festival of colors is significant because it represents the arrival of spring, good harvest and the victory of good over evil. As is quite evident, Holi belongs to a rich and royal culture. India is full of tradition, heritage, amazing landscapes, ancestral homes, music and much more. With the play on colors and a fun way to enjoy the day, Holi essentially brings people together – families, friends, children…everyone! Just as India is known for its many festivals all across the country, its also known for its delicious food. Any region or state you step in, you’ll enjoy the delicacies of that area. If you are fortunate enough to be welcomed into someone’s home, you’ll get to taste years of cooking passed down from generation to generation, and you will leave with a wonderful memory of that place. There is one common thread all across India when it comes to food, and that is, you guessed it – tea! Whether you enjoy a cup of chai or liquor tea or green tea, you can always find yourself connecting with someone over a cuppa. Whether it be stories about the Indian Gods and Goddesses, childhood stories or even stories about family heritage, business deals, marriage proposals, they are all discussed over a cup of tea. Festivals actually are an opportunity for families to sit together, re-connect, relax and simply enjoy time together (which we do so little of these days!). So, in this modern and on-the-go new age, let’s come together this auspicious Holi and take time to slow down, be in the present with the people around us and be sure to have a cup of hand-picked tea by our side.