Signature Green Teabags

Rs. 245.00

Signature Green Teabags

Rs. 245.00

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Product description

Pure Green Tea


About Signature Green Tea: Signature Green Tea- A cup of fine quality green tea that isn’t like just any other tea. Start your day with a cup of refreshing tea with minimum calories and mild caffeine. It is bound to leave you with plenty of freshness and energy.

Appearance- Smooth, whole, and sturdy high-quality leaf with light, fresh yellow-colored infusion.

Flavor- Strong, recognizable taste and mouthfeels. Feel and tastes smooth, bright, and refreshing floral taste with a mellow lingering sweetness. 


  • Rich in antioxidants and keep calories under check.
  • Helps in activating senses, energize the body, and makes you feel light and active
  • Ideal pre-workout drink as increases fat burning and accelerate weight loss.

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