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Carafe Teamaker - 420 ml

INR 1,495.00

Description - Make tea on the go with this handy and classy tea maker! Carry it to work, steep and sip tea all day long, and there’s very little hassle involved! It’s the perfect accessory for people who want their tea just right no matter where they are.It comes with a removable, fine-mesh stainless steel infuser which is ideal for loose leaf tea.

Use – Unscrew the bottom steel piece until it is fully opened. Spoon the desired quantity of tea leaves into the steel infuser. Screw the bottom back into place tightly. Remove the (upper) lid, and slowly pour in the boiling water (avoid filling it to the brim). Close the carafe by placing the lid back on top. When the tea is ready, flip the carafe upside down, remove the infuser (with tea leaves) and screw the bottom piece back in place. Finally, when ready to consume, remove the lid and drink like a bottle or pour into another glass.

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